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I have a question to all Western Armenians, perhaps you know. Several days ago I suddenly thought about that, and it was very strange not to found out a logic answer to that. How the such called “language” Western Armenian was born? I mean - saying Western Armenians (Diaspora Armenians) I understand not one ethnic group of population. It isn’t secret that in this group were entering many many dialects that was existing in W.Armenia. I know also that Armenian has 67 dialects, 36 of which are nowadays exist in Republic of Armenia. So the others were W.Armenian dialects (or perhaps more, as some dialects now in Armenia could be brought by other Armenians from W.Armenia, for example - Sasunians in Talin). So how it can happen, that W.Armenian (Diaspora Armenian) in Canada, for example is speaking in the same (or almost the same) dialect such called “W.Armenian” dialect as W.Armenian in Egypt, for example… If they all tought Armenian in Armenian Churches in very places, then it’s OK, I can understand, that everybody is teaching the same dialect, but as far as I know many are teaching the language from their parents or grandparents who brought it with themselves from MotherLand.

Please help.

I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.

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